Powering transition through sustainability, resilience, and approval

The world wants and needs to transition to cleaner energy, but the challenges – planning, approval, budgeting, sustainability, decades-long resilience requirements – mean change can be slow and complex. At Digital AECOM, our digital transformation services and solutions accelerate it with smart tools for forecasting, stakeholder engagement, environmental impact modeling, climate change response, and more.


Renewables and sustainability

Speed up the approval of new energy projects with our tools for immersive visualization (i.e. Virtual Consultation), community consultation and feedback (PlanEngage), and geospatial (location) intelligence.

The journey from planning to approval must be an inclusive, informative, compelling stakeholder experience if it is to progress and enable projects to be delivered on schedule and on budget. Our solutions combine the latest immersive, geospatial, and virtual reality visualizations with two-way, personalized stakeholder and community communications, articulating your energy project in its physical context and accelerating dialogues, discussions, and resolutions to get you and your teams to more productive outcomes, sooner.

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Energy transition – electrification

Plan change, budget for it, and maintain service levels, with our solutions for quantifying financial and operational impacts of electrification (EVReadi), predictive transition advisory and fleet fueling solutions (Future Fleet Programmes), and sustainable flighted travel (eVTOLer).

Energy transition is about much more than the physical engineering challenge – it is about how change affects community transportation, vehicle use, land use, existing and future budgets, and the natural and built environment. Our solutions turn complex data into revealing insights around infrastructure investment, planning, capital projects, and operations, and support budget, service-level, and environmental impact predictions. They help energy transition deliver optimized outcomes, and a better – not just a different – way of doing things for the future.

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Sustainability targets and compliance

Get on top of carbon with our tools and services that help you achieve energy performance goals (Rosetta™), plan effectively for optimized carbon abatement (CURB), and improve operational energy performance (SkySpark).

We can help you prioritize your actions to meet crucial sustainability targets. To reduce carbon emissions and improve energy performance in buildings, for example, our teams can deliver in-depth operational insights with advanced data analytics tools (SkySpark) that detect system faults and highlight opportunities for increased energy efficiency— often without capital investment. Our solutions support strategic planning, energy efficient design and project development, control strategy optimization, and greenhouse gas modeling, to help you reduce your carbon footprint, and accelerate viable decisions that optimize sustainability.

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Resilient planning

Get ahead of the decades to come with our solutions to support resilient, longer-term planning, encompassing economic, social and environmental health factors (SSIM), climate change impacts (FLEx), and prioritization of key actions for reducing emissions (C40 Climate Action Selection Tool).

What are the right long-term energy choices for your community? How will they interact with critical factors like mobility, water, buildings, and sustainability? What are the looming risks and prime opportunities? Our solutions for resilient planning combine sustainability integration models, high-resolution climate change data, and emissions goal planning aligned with the Paris Agreement to paint a long-term picture of how your communities’ future energy supply can stay resilient, optimize efficiencies, deliver better outcomes, and weather the storms – both literally and figuratively.

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How we can help

Plan and approve faster

Engage with stakeholders and communities transparently, to speed up consensus.

Create sustainable communities

Understand how buildings, utilities, and cultural factors combine to maximize sustainability.

Optimize budgets and service

Understand which energy mix to adopt, how to budget for it, and maintain service levels.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Identify where and how existing infrastructure can support alternative energy types.

Meet carbon obligations

Measure and manage carbon, to get your buildings to compliance quicker.

Mitigate future risks

Assess climate change, understand its impacts, design, and build to withstand them.