Better communication, improved outcomes

PlanEngage is an interactive online platform that enhances communication and engagement, and promotes collaboration and feedback, which in turn minimizes project risk and improves project outcomes for the project owner, the community, and the environment.

Easily accessible in the cloud, and simple to use, PlanEngage enables you and your teams to create, edit, and publish highly visual and interactive communication throughout the life cycle of your project - including videos, 360-degree project progress images, visualizations, project dashboards, and more.

Coupled with inbuilt feedback capture and reporting, PlanEngage supports communication consistency, enhanced collaboration, regulatory compliance, improved accessibility and social license.

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How PlanEngage communicates better

The two-way communication at the heart of PlanEngage enables it to:

  • Help communities and key stakeholders understand and easily access information
  • Effectively convey and demonstrate key findings
  • Gather technical reviews for publication to select users, or the wider public
  • Empower communities and stakeholders to provide timely, informed input

PlanEngage provides widespread opportunities for stakeholders to understand the project, its impacts, and its potential before it goes ahead, but also throughout its lifecycle - facilitating deeper engagement and more informed consent, and driving better and more cost-effective project decisions.

Internally, PlanEngage’s integrated, automated review and approval workflows, with progress dashboarding, deliver high Quality Assurance (QA) efficiency and optimized control during content production - streamlining the publishing process and ensuring information is on-point.

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Digital transformation across lifecycle and projects

Originally born from the need to improve the traditional environmental impact approval process, the PlanEngage platform has now expanded for use throughout the entire project life cycle across a wide range of project types, including:

  • Transportation
  • Active transport
  • Alternative energy and defense
  • Master planning
  • Resilience and sustainability
  • Natural capital accounting
  • Environmental approvals and management
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Further benefits at a glance

Quick and easy design and branding
Users can design their own branded project webpage without the need for a web-designer.
Integrated production tools
Your teams can develop project documentation directly within the platform, enable document review, and integrate other data sources, ensuring accuracy and flexibility, and saving re-work.
Map-based, intuitive interaction
Maps automatically adjust to align with the text information to show clear and simple to understand project information. Users can also click on a map, search for a place of interest, see information associated with key points, and submit feedback or questions – all from one place.
Right info, right audience
Smart permissions enable enhanced yet controlled multi-team and multi-organizational collaboration, while keeping data secure.

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For more information on how PlanEngage can help your organization turn documents into data, data into engagement, and engagement into more efficiently delivered projects download our detailed product info or get in touch.

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