Geospatial (location) intelligence

Digital technologies are at their most powerful when incorporating spatial intelligence and location analytics to assess and model the built and natural environment. From a linear infrastructure or buildings perspective, this means that the asset is placed into the spatial context of its surrounding, enabling scenario planning and impacts analysis including hazards, demographics, and many more environmental factors on local and regional scales. At Digital AECOM, our geospatial solutions model the environment and place assets into their spatial context from a local to global scale while linking them to our clients’ information needs.

Locate, understand, de-risk

By creating an accurate, data-driven, spatially-aware picture of both existing and planned realities from an environmental and social perspective, our solutions help distill better decision making, reduced risk, secure consensus, and deliver successful results.

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Visual insights, transparent impacts

Using market-leading technologies and processes including machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and real-time analytics, we build an accurate, data-rich visual picture of the built or natural environment. This enables owners and operators to better understand interrelations between social and environmental aspects and manage projects more sustainably.

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Built-in intelligence for smarter outcomes

Our geospatial solutions have been used for purposes including designing more energy-efficient buildings, understanding climate change impacts, hazard determination, route optimization and siting studies, and ecologically sound urban master plans.