Turn difficult choices into informed spending decisions

PlanSpend is a secure, interactive, cloud-based solution that enables you, your planners, and your managers to collaborate on prioritizing projects so you can schedule and allocate funding for the most important projects first.

PlanSpend consolidates and organizes data related to the condition of your assets and provides estimates for expected and remaining useful life, cost forecasts, and quantifiable impacts. This enables you to compare different types of projects on a logical basis, plan more effectively for maintenance management activities and capital spending, and communicate transparently with stakeholders.

With PlanSpend, disparate spreadsheets and rough calculations are replaced by integrated field condition assessment tools, 360-degree visual immersion into the as-built asset, automated cost estimations, and powerful, easily shared analytics dashboards.

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Optimize outgoings, prioritize assets: how PlanSpend delivers

Fully compatible with our State of Good Repair (SGR) tools and integrated with Google Maps, Street View, and Microsoft PowerBI, PlanSpend enables you to:

  • Identify assets and rapidly establish their condition
  • Cost projects and rate their impacts, before commencing them
  • Explore near-term, project-centered capital plans
  • Measure SGR backlog
  • Develop long-term, asset classification-driven capital plans

By keeping track of your asset life expectancy, PlanSpend enables you to determine when failure is most likely to occur and prioritize spend accordingly, sustaining your maintenance budget, and, ultimately, saving you money. The tool enables you to quickly run multiple spending scenarios to communicate alternatives and navigate to the optimal spending decision.

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Key features

All asset data in one database
Asset portfolio, equipment, and deficiencies tracking.
Evaluate all options
Client-customizable, multi-dimensional prioritization (MDP) for scenario comparisons. The spending decision can have multiple, weighted criteria, each with multiple parameters. Users can decide if the impacts of each are additive or multiplied, to provide a logical, transparent decision process.
Integrated cost library
For asset valuation and cost estimation, with color of money funding options.
As-built visual environment
Integrated with geospatial mapping, Street View, and 360-degree photos with floorplan mapping for interior spaces; provides users with locational awareness and boots-on-the-ground perspective.
More accurate life cycle analysis
Based on asset-specific deterioration curves informed by our worldwide experience, and calibrated to local conditions and historical data.
Secure, controlled sharing
Secure, controlled sharing of data and insights, using interactive dashboards that help you effectively communicate with your stakeholders.

Further benefits at a glance

Optimizes long-term spending
to maintain a state of good repair.
Produces high-integrity asset data
needed for SGR plans, grants, and funding.
Strengthens your capital planning
process through a rigorous comparison of projects competing for funding from the same sources.

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For more information on how PlanSpend takes the guesswork and the unnecessary expense out of effective asset operation and maintenance, download our detailed product information or get in touch.

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