Transforming the future of a world on the move

As communities and economies grow, the world’s transportation infrastructures are looking to digital transformation to provide better outcomes in the face of mounting challenges. At Digital AECOM, we make technology and data work harder, for smarter network and electrification planning, more efficient and cost-effective asset construction, innovative transportation alternatives, and optimized performance, safety, and sustainability.


Planning for the future of transportation

Prepare for new fuels, vehicles, and investment with our tools for scenario-planning (Mobilitics), land use and impact analysis (Ev-Readi) and (AV-Readi), aerial transport alternatives, stakeholder engagement (PlanEngage), and visualization and VR.

Whether balancing population growth with land use, electrifying fleets and streets, or introducing communities to autonomous vehicles and hyperloops, the future of transportation is as rich with opportunities as it is with challenges. Our solutions for planning and our experience with national transportation partners help you understand changing commuter and traffic trends, prepare for future electrification demand and charging infrastructure, and produce holistic analyses and simulations involving all stakeholders in the move to an efficient, more sustainable future.

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Increased efficiency in delivering transportation assets

Streamline design, accelerate build, and improve quality with solutions that deliver repeatability (digital library), cut design time (AECOM Computational Design Platform), improve asset performance (Model Performance Analysis), speed up manufacturing (DFMA), and safeguard program success.

The challenge of delivering transportation assets on time and on budget is now more complex than ever, as critical measures like environmental sustainability are factored into already time-intensive, iterative design and construction workflows. Our solutions and program management tools meld intelligent 3D models and machine learning with repeatable designs, inbuilt carbon data, geospatial and immersive visualization, and automatic quality assurance – enabling you to push compliant designs into production quicker, optimize schedules, and reduce risk and cost.

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Realizing the latent value of asset and enterprise data

Unlock what is hidden to drive better outcomes with our data integration solutions that enable asset models to power enterprise processes, our Reality Capture solution that turns legacy assets into new, data-rich objects, and digital twins that replicate asset behavior to support smarter, more informed decisions.

Data-driven decisions deliver better results – but in transportation, as in many other sectors, the data has hidden value just waiting to be released. Our solutions enable you to integrate quality-assured data from smarter design models into maintenance management, property management, and safety systems. They enable you to deploy scan-to-BIM technology that turns legacy assets into live data entities, and build digital twins for a connected database of real-time road information across all phases of your asset – design, construction, and operation and maintenance.

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Optimize asset performance, safety, and sustainability

Know your asset and keep it delivering with our solutions for condition assessment (AECOM Assessor), inspection through immersive imagery, hosted maintenance management, analytics and traffic management (Transpordata, TMC Operational Services), capital planning (PlanSpend), and Asset Advisory Services.

Transportation assets keep communities on the move – but how reliably, how sustainably, how safely, and for how long? Our solutions enable you to optimize performance, safety, and sustainability at all stages of the asset management process – from deficiency identification to analysis and cost estimating, capital planning to predictive maintenance, and budget modeling to traffic analytics. Harnessing the power of geospatial intelligence, machine learning, immersive 3D, and photographic mass-data capture, our solutions deliver broader, deeper, quicker insights, driving more informed decisions that deliver better outcomes.

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How we can help

Budget and plan effectively

Balance population growth, land use, and investment for optimal outcomes.

Streamline design

Accelerate design and move to onsite assembly for increased quality at reduced cost and risk.

Transition to electrification

Get on top of everything from charging infrastructure to new modes of transportation.

Optimize performance, safety, sustainability

Integrate asset management data for insights that protect the environment, communities, and the bottom line.

Speed up consensus

Involve stakeholders and drive agreement with visual, immersive, two-way communications.


Reduce carbon in both the delivery and use of transportation assets for people and goods.