Understanding what surrounds us for more sustainable outcomes

Knowing the state of the natural environment and how to de-risk interaction with it turns must-do compliance into a source of value and opportunity. At Digital AECOM, our digital transformation technologies automate environmental data capture and monitoring, and enrich it with stakeholder-friendly visualization, communication, and planning tools to accelerate asset development and optimize operations.


Digital monitoring and compliance

Get ahead of traditional data capture and monitoring methods with our automated and drone-based solutions, mobile field-based survey tools (eMAP), and powerful environmental data management platforms (Equis, ESdat).

Whether you are looking for routine compliance monitoring for pollution at one end of the scale, or special-purpose assessments such as stranded asset reports at the other, efficient, cost-effective, intelligent data capture is at the root of your requirements. Our solutions couple agile data capture methods, including drones and telemetry, with global platform offerings from our technology allies and extensive in-house expertise to deliver rapid, far-ranging data, reliable monitoring and actionable compliance insights.

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Digital environmental impact assessment

Dramatically accelerate the planning and permitting process with our tools for immersive virtual exhibitions and showcases (Virtual Consultation), consultation and engagement (PlanEngage), and geospatial context (Esri GIS).

The days of slow, paper-based, low-engagement environmental planning and engagement processes are numbered, driven out not only by the increased tempo of interest in infrastructure and rebuilding, but by the digital expectations of younger and more mobile stakeholders. Our solutions turn planning and engagement into a collaborative, cloud-hosted, multi-channel engagement experience; combining agile online content, compelling visualizations, and responsive feedback mechanisms for quicker journeys to optimum outcomes.

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Risk management and optimization

Turn risk into resilience and best practice with our solutions to prioritize funding (PlanSpend), audit risks (OCEAN), and our risk portals that capture manual and non-manual data to constantly reoptimize risk advice.

From climate and resilience to contamination and hazardous materials to health and safety, risk must be managed long-term yet dynamically so that monitoring and analysis are firmly embedded but can flex with the changing risk landscape. Our risk management and optimization solutions combine our extensive experience in managing risk data collection and management best practices with a suite of powerful tools to make risk measurable, communicable, and actionable – cost-effectively.

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Natural capital accounting

Show what is there and how you can protect it with our solutions for natural capital accounting and biodiversity preservation (digital capture, digital twins) and community engagement (PlanEngage, Virtual Consultation).

Natural capital accounting starts with the accurate capture of the environment – the natural capital – that exists today, progresses to modeling its richness, and involves local and often remote communities in the natural capital accounting decision process. Our solutions and expertise deliver innovative, non-disruptive data capture methods – including photography, video, drone, and LIDAR – to build realistic, data-rich representations that behave as the natural environment does, and to immerse communities visually in opportunities for environmental enhancement, improvement, and remediation.

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Large environmental programs

Right expert, right place, right time, right permissions – this is what you can expect from our solutions for managing large environmental programs, including comprehensive Survey Management Platform and Consents Tracker.

Large environmental and other programs often require a multitude of coordination and situational awareness tools to bring together hundreds of practitioners, over a wide geographical area, with highly specific areas of expertise. If this is not coordinated effectively, massive schedule and cost overruns can result. Our solutions map practitioner skills, competences, and availability to work assignments and simplify consenting and planning into a templated process, making it quicker, easier, and more cost-effective to put the right people where they are needed most.

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How we can help

Achieve cost-effective compliance

Comprehensively monitor air, noise, water, groundwater, soil, and stranded assets.

Reduce costly risks across the board

Assess risk comprehensively, across health and safety, climate and resilience, contamination and hazardous material, and prioritize spending to reduce it.

Minimize environmental disturbance

Make use of drones and telemetry to gather and monitor data remotely.

Get deeper insights, make smarter decisions

Combine rich, localized data with global environmental data management platforms to support decisions that deliver better outcomes.

Speed up planning and engagement

Get to consensus quicker and more cost-effectively with immersive visual community and stakeholder engagement tools.

Protect nature and communities

Build natural capital accounting into your processes to support biodiversity and pollution remediation.