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Low-impact and cost-effective, for a planet that lives and works

From climate change to social equity, workplace wellbeing to cost management, preventive planning to net-zero, developing buildings and places is more demanding now than ever – with higher stakes. At Digital AECOM, we combine technology transformation with market-leading methodologies to drive down operational, capital, and environmental cost and risk – so you can transform built and lived environments for the better, for good.

Buildings + Places

Urban analytics and master planning for net-zero

Build in sustainability – environmentally, economically, and socially with our tools for carbon reduction planning (CURB, C40 Climate Action), integrated sustainability and climate change assessment (SSIM, FLEx), and transport optimization (SWIFT).

Urban communities must travel, consume, communicate, and live. Environmental impacts are inevitable, but with the right planning, monitoring, and analysis these can be more easily understood and mitigated – delivering wider benefits in the process. Our urban analytics and master planning solutions enable you to drive better outcomes for urban populations, both by measuring and improving primary improvements such as greenhouse gas emission reduction, and by maximizing the economic, health, and social good that flows from them.

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Buildings + Places

Asset portfolio optimization and long-term capital planning

Reduce costs, improve CAPEX, and use less energy with solutions like PlanSpend, SAMS (data collection), SmartSite analytics, SkySpark, and OCEAN energy audit.

“How can we move the needle?” This is the asset challenge in a nutshell, but there are many needles to move – operating cost, maintenance and emergency repair expenditure, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, and others. Our asset optimization solutions provide in-depth operational insights to reduce faults and improve performance, as well as opportunities to reduce carbon emissions, helping you prioritize spending where the economic and environmental outcomes deliver the greatest return.

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Buildings + Places

Next-generation built environment

Take building design forward, faster, with our tools to achieve energy goals (Rosetta™), maximize human comfort and productivity, and dramatically reduce carbon footprint.

Connected, smart, climate conscious: this is today’s workforce, and its buildings must meet the same expectations – now and in the future. Our multidisciplinary specialists deliver building performance excellence that underpins every critical outcome, from operational efficiency to environmental sustainability, occupant wellbeing, and more. By harnessing data and turning it into insightful analytics, our solutions increase the speed and quality of project quantification, facilitating faster decision-making to achieve your optimal balance between carbon, comfort, and cost.

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Buildings + Places

Automated design/DFMA

Design and build quicker and more efficiently using our solutions for monitoring project health, efficiency, and composition (MPA), offsite construction and onsite assembly (DFMA), and repeatable, cost-effective components (digital library).

Cutting through the complexities of project performance and simplifying design, procurement, and construction, are critical to delivering better outcomes – for your schedule, bottom line, and the environment. Our solutions harness data from thousands of active projects and design models to visually distill insights and trends that reveal opportunities to improve project performance. They also release hidden value in design data to enable components to be pushed directly into manufacture offsite, repeatably and cost-effectively. This significantly reduces the costs associated with onsite manufacturing facilities, as well as the environmental impacts implicit in multiple design and manufacture iterations for component designs that already exist in suitable form elsewhere.

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Buildings + Places

Cost intelligence

Reduce risk, improve value, and deliver better outcomes with our Global Unite international cost benchmarking and project performance knowledge system.

Optimizing the balance between project costs and objectives depends not only on intimate knowledge of your industry and sector, but also on access to tools and expertise that can transform cost data into actionable analysis and efficient outcomes. Our cost intelligence solutions harness data from thousands of global projects and concentrate it into specific insights relevant to your project region, type, and scale, enabling deep analysis that delivers maximum cost efficiency fully aligned to your project’s critical success factors and commercial objectives.

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How we can help

Build the future

Create places and spaces that are sustainable and sensitive to ever-evolving needs.

Improve life and work

Increase building occupants’ wellbeing and productivity.

Protect your bottom line

Reduce operational costs and emergency repairs.

Spend better, reduce emissions

Enhance long-term CAPEX strategy to optimize energy use and achieve carbon targets.

Revive and revalue

Improve aging infrastructure to benefit communities, environment, and economy.

Multiply positive outcomes

Reduce risk and improve value in all sectors of the built environment.