Connected technology, connecting ecosystems is the third of our four-part series looking at unlocking the potential of digital cities.

In the first part of the series, we introduced the importance of strategy and the role it plays in planning and managing a digital city. Part two outlined a people-centric approach to the future of infrastructure and future living. This third volume expands upon these discussions by exploring how technology is used to unlock potential and help transform the built environment.

How do we want our cities to be?

When we think about digital cities, we should think beyond technology alone. A true digital city integrates various technologies, data, platforms and providers into a strategically developed digital ecosystem that becomes the fulcrum of the city’s infrastructure.

In this report, the reader can discover the following:

  • How connected technologies support the development of holistic strategies for dealing with current and future complexities in city planning.
  • How an evolving technological ecosystem can transform city development, providing not only a unique opportunity to design, plan, deliver and maintain urban living, but also to bring positive impact to both people and the environment.
  • The role data plays in enabling the development of better roads, rail, buildings and other infrastructure, and in fostering a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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